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Your God-given Potential

Our Why

MDI exists to help ministry leaders with the things that keep them up at night, so they can focus on their mission. 


We do this through our flagship process Integrated Mentoring & Consulting (IMC). While consulting firms focus on the organization and mentoring firms focus on the leader, MDI’s Integrated Mentoring & Consulting brings the two into focus simultaneously. 


The strength of the IMC Lens is that strategies are made in context of both the organizations’ strengths and needs, while taking into account the leader’s unique gifts and abilities. The result is thriving leaders, positioned in strength, equipped with custom tailored plans to move their organizations forward.


By providing these services free-of-charge to leaders, we’re able to help them navigate the season they are in and prepare for the course ahead.

Our How

Our team of high caliber Mentors bring their wealth of expertise to nonprofit leaders here locally and around the world. In our leader-first approach, we offer: leadership development, strategic planning, board development, fundraising strategies, transition planning, burnout prevention, and much more. By working directly with top leaders, we are able to offer essential insights, an unbiased sounding board, and a confidential place to clarify and accomplish their vision.

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people relying on essential services from MDI's clients

Ministry Leaders Served

Countries Reached

Thrive in these key areas & more:

Board Development

Create A Plan  
towards God's mission

Board Development

Engage Your Board
to grow your ministry

Board Development

Align Your Team
and your process

Board Development

Plan Transitions
that guide the future

Over half a million people rely on MDI’s clients for essential services like food, shelter, education, and medical care?  Over half a million people.


Every decision made and plan put in place with the MDI team affects everything from the boardroom to the frontlines of ministry.  In one year alone, we have seen the Lord use MDI’s strategic plans to:

  • Add 15,000 children to a daily feeding program in Haiti

  • Support a clinic in Honduras serving 28,000 patients a year

  • Provide 13,000 people annually with counseling right here in middle tennessee

Imagine if we lived in a world where every ministry leader had access to a mentor. How different would the world be?


Your God-given Potential

Have you been looking for a Mentor to come alongside you? Our team is here to offer wisdom and experience.

Diverse group of business professionals_


Your God-given Expertise

Do you or someone you know have leadership experience and a God-given desire to share your expertise?


"If every leader had a guide like MDI, the world would look completely different."

Taylor Cochran, Bless the Children Ministries, Uganda


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